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YIELD is a unique education & innovation program that uses the automobile as the focal point to generate interest within the key target group - young males both in schools and in the community.  YIELD  shows the tragic results of speed, impaired driving and not using seatbelts, while giving students the opportunity to become part of the solution.

Police and professional car racers, who have personal knowledge and experience, engage students/community through casual conversation and by using static displays that include a roll-over simulator, a race car, trailer and a Razor side by side ATV. The YIELD race car, a 2000 Chev Camaro, a former highway patrol vehicle and is the only race vehicle of its kind that partners with the R.C.M.P. and is authorized to display the RCMP corporate identity.

YIELD has seen first hand how youth will embrace new ideas and thought processes when given the right information in a way that they not only comprehend but readily accept and are inclusive of their abilities.

Simply put, we tell students that, if you are going to race anyway, race on a legal race strip (like Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway) rather than on a highway where you are putting not only yourself in danger but also everyone watching and non-involved pedestrians/drivers.









The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

University of Alberta Sr. Engineering Class, Edmonton, AB

The LEVASSEUR Family Group of Spruce Grove AB

Grove R.V. Ltd. Spruce Grove AB with a special Thanks to their G.M. Mike Duffy for all his help.

Doug Krupa and DRM Recovery from Edmonton, AB

Leduc Jr. High School, Racing for Education, Leduc, AB

North Central Co-Op (Stony Plain)

Alberta Transportation, Office of Traffic Safety and the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund.

Spruce Grove Safe Cities

Thompson Brothers Construction, Spruce Grove, AB

Stony Plain Rotary, Stony Plain, AB

Golden Mile Leasing, Spruce Grove, AB

Fix Auto, Spruce Grove

Grove Collision, Spruce Grove

Intact Insurance & Dyck Insurance (Wetaskiwin) Ltd.

Cycle Works West, & Polaris Canada, Acheson, AB

Dix Performance, Edmonton, AB

Castrol Raceway, our Home Track
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