Youth Initiatives In Education & Lifestyles Driving (YIELD) Association has partnered with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to become Canada’s first recognized R.C.M.P. race program.  YIELD’s goal is to provide education to our youth and the general public about the dangers of high risk driving and the consequences of their choices.  The history of traffic enforcement to date has shown that strict enforcement alone will not curb the problems of high risk driving activities.  Only through a strong education program can we make a difference to reduce the carnage presently on our roadways.

YIELD is a group of law enforcement personnel, emergency first responders, and civilian volunteers that partner with community spirited partners to try to bring about change on our roadways.  YIELD travels to schools, community events, and other special events to promote education and healthy lifestyle choices to our youth.  During the summer months YIELD travels throughout Western Canada attending over 50 events, with requests for our attendance growing each year. 

The YIELD Association is a registered charity under the Societies Act of Alberta, corporate No. 5010660651 and we are also registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, No. 869047704 as a Non-Profit Association that operates on funds, services and equipment provided by private partners. YIELD operates 2 cars based out of Spruce Grove; a 2000 Chevy Camaro that runs the quarter in 11.0 seconds and a 1979 Pontiac Lemans, that runs a 12.5 second quarter mile.

YIELD has had resounding success with the “Street Legal” and “Drive It Home” presentations at many junior and senior High Schools in Alberta by engaging the students with their interests in cars and fostering the importance of education.  YIELD has taken this one step further, showcasing the real world results of education and innovation by undertaking a new exciting build.  With the assistance of the Senior Engineering Class of the University Alberta to produce an electric powered Mini Cooper that will be used as an important educational tool and to ultimately race against traditional gas powered vehicles.

This is where we need your assistance.  We are looking for motivated partners that recognize the need to educate our youth ages 14 to 24 about the dangers of making inappropriate choices not only in their driving habits but also in their day to day living. Members of YIELD strive to make a difference by providing guidance wherever possible and by interacting with our youth in a positive manner.

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