What is YIELD?  Youth Initiatives & Education in Lifestyles & Driving

YIELD is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta, created in 2003, that focuses on Traffic Safety issues with our youth who will be our leaders of tomorrow.

Members of the YIELD Association include Police officers, EMS, fire services, citizens and one special young person who entered the program as part of a community service option to correct his driving habits.   As a result of this program, he has stayed with YIELD for over four years and has moved from racing on the street to controlled, safe racing at the race track.

YIELD members, who are all volunteers, work closely with other volunteers in each community that now includes students, teachers, local law enforcement, parents and automotive enthusiasts.

The collective expertise of this small membership provides students and young drivers with first-hand, real-life experiences regarding the results of speed and drinking-and-driving.

The YIELD program concentrates on demonstrating the drastic consequences of speed-related collisions, drinking and driving collisions and the consequences these events bring upon the family and the community. We try to instill in the students a proper and positive attitude; to be more responsible and respective of others and family.

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